Amy – Mural Session 1


Today we spray painted!

The teenage room is complete!

We all worked together to make an honest piece of work.

It looks amazing and is a real reflection of all the people that made this possible. ‘Inspired youth’ totally describes what this project is all about.

Shout out to Kieth, Kritikal, Zoe, Joy and Gemma!

Great day today,

Mookinator 🙂

Shelly – Mural Session 1


The project is really coming together, we worked on the teen room and shed today! It worked really well when we split of into groups and worked on different parts of the wall with the artists. I really enjoyed it and I am very pleased with the result!

Jazz – The Project So far


So far on the arts4care project we have written up a contract of respect, explored all the different rooms, created a character, spoken to the artists, ‘stacked amo’ (aka a bank of words) and heard KRITIKAL rap.

I have enjoyed the session on rapping and song writing the most so far because I really like music and song writing.

The wall mural designs are amazing I wouldnt change anything about them!

I am very much looking forward to painting our mural now!!!

Shelly – the project so far


So far the project has been about planning what we’re working towards, and all our ideas put together.

i’ve enjoyed the food and meeting new people. Also i have liked doing something new and contributing to the design of Hamilton house.

i like the murals that have been designed, i think they’re very imaginative! 

I’m looking forward to starting with the painting, i think it will be the best part of the project and will be a way of getting to bond with each other. 

Lyricism with KRITIKAL inspires amazing poems


Session two of #arts4care exploded into life with an inspirational live performance by KRITIKAL. The artist and Aspire TV founder ran a lyricism session to give the young people the tool to express themselves through words.




The group then got to work on creating a character they called “Rob” who was 15 and was visiting Hamilton House for the first time. They discussed how “Rob” might feel inside and what might be going on in his life. They wrote how “Rob” felt inside a character they had drawn on some flip chart paper. They said “Rob” was feeling confused and anxious and was quite angry and insecure. They said “Rob” was taking time off school and getting into trouble. We talked about this because we wanted to help “Rob” and in real life new visitors to Hamilton house to feel encouraged and understood so that they could stop “Rob” and other young people like him from going down the wrong track, and for those who already had, helping them feel inspired to get back on track. Some of their words may feature in the art they create with the artists they meet tomorrow! Take a look at “Rob” and see what the group created. Below is how “Rob” was feeling inside.

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Arts4Care Project Launches


Arts4care is a project all about giving young people in care a chance to have their say about the care experience. Through meaningful positive expression using arts and film the young people will first transform Hamilton House before going on to make a film which they will shape.IMG_6429

In the first session we started to get to know each other and the group created a contract of respect which consisted of boundaries they set for the group. It was important to set guidelines and involve the group in shaping them in order to have a focused and professional approach to the work we would be doing together.

Before we got started we looked at the #music4care music video to show the group some of Inspired Youths previous work and how experiences shared through art and media can be really powerful.IMG_6452


We even had a special guest as Izzy who was one of the stars of the video came to talk to the group about how we made the video and the impact it had been making.


Once we had established what the project was all about we started to explore the rooms in Hamilton House and discussed who used them, what they were used for and what experiences and emotions where associated with them. This would help us better understand the use of the building and help shape the groups ideas about how best to use art to transform Hamilton House.