RARPA Scales

Each Session in the Project starts with the aims of the sessions, as well as a statement that the group will be working on in that session. These statements are called RARPA statements, RARPA stand for Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement, and is a tool used to measure learners/participants understanding.

We use RARPA scales to understand how the young people feel they have progressed in their understanding during any given session.

Session 1 “I understand how Hamilton House is used and can explain the services it provides”simi2_2

Session 2 “I can use lyricism to express the positivity of Hamilton House”simi2_1

Session 3 “I can devise concepts for an arts mural to improve Hamilton House”simi2_38

Session 4 “I can listen to artists pitching, give constructive feedback and contribute my ideas.”simi2_3

Session 5 “I can transform Hamilton House using professional street art techniques”simi2_37

Session 6 “I can create my own positive self portrait using stencil arts”


Session 7 “I can complete the transformation of Hamilton House”


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