I was bound by the binary of these invisible chains

Then I clung onto the fur of faiths Lion mane

Man, this beast can never be tamed

My bloodstream pounded with immense pain

This pain gained a name, the name was the ‘past’


 My confidence has been destroyed through my mum and dad

Ive never had the privileges that others have had

People think they know but they have no clue

My family will never be in my shoes


Locking myself up its my isolation

Waiting for the day I hit my cremation

All I am feeling is pain inside

Sometimes I feel I should just hide

Happiness to me is just a word

Never meant but alqways heard

Cutting to relieve the pain

People calling me insane

Living life to please my mate

Yet all he seems to give is hate


I am going to sparkle bright until morning light

I am going to fight even though its not right

Even though I am sad I will always come right back

I want to have the things I have always lacked


Everyone needs a little bit of hope

This is a place they help us cope

When I came my confidence lacked

I wish I could get my life back on track




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