Creating Scenes – ‘Charlie’s’ care journey

Using the character they had created the group made up a storyline for ‘Charlie’ about his care experience. They discussed the key moments of the Charlie’s journey and wrote up scenes based on those scenarios:
Scene 1 – Night – Bedroom

Charlie is in his room. He has a bruise on his face. He can hear arguing downstairs and footsteps coming up the stairs.


Scene 2 – Day – School

Charlie is running away from school. Police are informed.IMG_9702

Scene 3 – Day – Placement

Charlie arrives at the door of a placement where he will stay. He is nervous. The people he will live with show him around.


Scene 4 – Night – Bedroom

Charlie is feeling a ‘flood of emotions’, sadness and confusion. He doesn’t feel safe and is worried. He feels angry and alone.





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