Creating Concepts

Ultimately the artist brief was to give the young people the opportunity to shape and lead on art ideas for the spaces they were going to paint together. GX2 & BEATING ARTS started by sharing their previous experience and knowledge of graffiti and street art. They talked about ‘Banksy’ the most successful and well known street artist in the world. The group were encouraged to think about how street art could be used to convey positive messages which could inspire people.


The artists covered the following elements with the group.
– graffiti lettering
– big, large scale artwork
– 3D work incorporating pavements and surroundings
– Banksy
Then the young people explored the space to light up their imaginations and brainstorm ideas.IMG_6758
The group came up with some amazing ideas as we explored the building. Next it was time to put their ideas down on paper.
At the end they presented their ideas back to the group and the artists made notes to ensure the mural designs were shaped by the group.
The group focused on positivity and aspirations in their concepts, thinking about how the art could be inspirational and thought provoking. Below are the artists notes for the tour of the building:
– Big focus on squirrels and animals for the outdoor space.
– half of the group have used it for recreational activities
Initial ideas from viewing
– Making a forest out of the shed
– Making the shed into a log cabin, housing various critters
– Bird Houses
 Bringing in the forest into the stairwell
– Hurricane (movement of objects reflecting identity)
– Enormous mouth full of junk
– Dream tree full of aspirations,
– Lyrics carved into trees
Youth Room 

– Heavy interest in music,

– Predominantly used as a chillout space, and associated with relaxing
– Associated with books, games
– Interest in bringing more urban imagery into the space
– Boomboxes, cityscapes, trains, graffiti, monster trucksIMG_6761
After splitting into groups with the artists they worked on ideas for the different spaces. Below are the final outcomes from the presentations from both groups.
– log cabin in the woods, providing a shelter for animals and critters.
– Animals are humanized, making them strong characters & representing lots of different people & interests.
– nature focused,
– Squirrels, Apes (obviously), wolves
– Flowers breaking through the snow
– Liked the idea of incorporating seasons into the work
– The group really liked the idea of the dream tree & the movement of the hurricane
– A large tree bustled by the wind, shaking its leaves – positive quotes on the leaves.
– Autumnal
– Oranges & Turquoises, happy colours, bright
– Crystal Balls flying with the wind, showing images of their dreams and aspirations and the future.
Teen Room
– A city scape made of speakers with large musical notes containing elements of positive quotes and sentences from their poems.
TV’s, Toasters, Crushed cans becoming characters who populate the city.
– Screet scene incorporating a city scape involving lots of York based imagery. Billboards depicting positive life quotes, jokes, signposts.
– Skateboarding, DJ’s, Dances, Crumpled Cans, Rubbish, Graffiti, Signposts
– Skateboarding wolf in a quiet city
– Bird House,
– Log Cabin
– Waterfall
– Squirrels, flowers
– Rally Racing
– Pour paint down shed – rainbow colours, puddle, splash
Stair Well
– Tree, dream tree, cross section of the tree showing the roots system
– Trainers hanging, rabbit tunnels, diamonds, animal skull
– Hot Air Balloon – full of characters, sand bags
– Banksy,
-Beach + seaside, whale, fish
– Character slumped writing in a corner, pages of paper flying upwards, aspirations
– Big Clock
– Abstract – colours, words
– Character holding a sign, symbolism, holding an arrow, fairground arrow,
holding a nebula, the universe, whirling
Teen Room
– Motion & travelling
– Train – covered in lyrics and graffiti, moving forward, travel
– Speakers, colour exploding out
– Text
– referencing the character from the stairwell, could be sat amongst the city?
The artists will now go away and form 3 concepts using all the ideas the group came up with and pitch them back to the group.



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