Arts4Care is funded by Community York and is a partnership between Inspired Youth and the Looked After Children Support Service (LAC).

IY and LAC service will work in partnership to engage marginalised LAC, giving them a voice through a positive experiential arts and media experience and a sense of inclusive ownership of the building by enhancing the physical space using positive messages and imagery. By giving the young people the power to lead the journey they will shape every output, developing core competences, learning new skills and growing in confidence.

Our approach will:

  • Create cohesion & community between LAC, their families and services
  • Present experiences of LAC through video production
  • Create resources for professionals working with LAC
  • Break down prejudice & misconceptions of LAC in the wider community through positive media/publicity around the work

Inspired Youth (IY) is a multi-award winning non-profit arts organisation. Through creative arts and media campaigns we create opportunities that empower people at the heart of an issue, to inform, challenge, educate and inspire communities and tackle the issues they face.

The CYC Looked After Children Support Service (LAC) provide a range services to help support the City’s LAC, families and carers. A team of specialist support practitioners lead on work around identity, emotional wellbeing and relationships as part of the CYC’s LAC strategy, delivering frontline services to some of York’s most vulnerable young people.

The core responsibilities of the Looked After Children Support Service are to:

  • Liaise with and take advise from lead practitioners and partner agencies to coordinate and facilitate contact between Looked After Children and their parents and /or other relatives under the instruction and order of the court.
  • Write and contribute to court statements as well as give direct evidence as requested by the court.
  • Provide clear, child focussed Contact Agreements with timely reviews, which take into account any competing needs, as well as the age, capacity and understanding of those involved in contact.
  • Provide clear notes and feedback to families and lead professionals.
  • Contribute to and assist in Assessments.
  • Contribute to and facilitate arrangements for reunification plans and continuous assessment throughout that process.
  • Complete Life Story, Safety and Identity Work with Looked After and Adopted Children.
  • Offer support and guidance to Looked After, those subject to SGO and Adopted Children, their families and carers around the issues of contact and identity.
  • Be directly involved in planning and coordinating any direct work identified.
  • Improve participation of Young People in contact planning.
  • Gather and maintain up to date information and research on LAC outcomes and good practice in order to develop and target support to those referred.
  • To explore gaps in service provision which may have an impact on those Looked After Children the service are involved with.
  • Further develop and review the Looked After Children’s Support Service Plan through ongoing consultation of partner agencies, young people and their families.

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