Save me

I become the person I am inspired to be

No matter how much you run away and hide from me

You’re the ones that have written my history so far

Some of the decisions you made really tore me apart

You gave me some time to sort myself out

Get rid of my mind that was so full of doubt

Got me the help I need

Save me from the guilt I pleaded

Believe in me

When I was younger no one believed in me

I tried to speak and no one was hearing me

Everybody in my family didn’t collaborate for my safety

Trapped behind closed doors and no one would relate to me

Its changing me, they think i do it for attention?

Eventually I got my detention, they did it to teach me a lesson

Then I found my aggression, it took me into depression

They don’t know the real me they’re just guessing

When all i really want to be is progressing


Where was the care system when I needed prevention?

I screamed for attention but you prevented me from getting protection

Ill be the one to teach you a lesson

They cut the budget back but didn’t consider the who it was effecting

Don’t sway me with consolations

Bear in mind the consequence of your invasions

Do you think I liked sleeping outside on a stone cold floor?

They don’t understand what its like when I walked through the school door

But I wanted more from this life I want to rise up

I want to triumph, we are minors but if you only listen you will find us

I wonder why

I look into the deep blue sky, and I wonder why

All this pain all this hurt, the tears fall when I cry

Been dragged into care at the speed of light

I was numb to the motion, frozen in fear and fright

Abandoning my mum, a new life had begun

On the run, my hearts beating like the sound of a drum

The sight of my carers face was like an illusion

New territory I felt like an intruder and it added to all the confusion

I hoped a better life would be the conclusion




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