Care Film Pre Production Starts

After an amazing journey transforming hamilton house the group came back together to start the next chapter of the journey. They would be embarking on making a film about their experiences of the care journey, that would be aimed at professionals.

First the group watched some of Inspired Youth’s previous films. They had already seen the music4care film in the first part of the project so they watched different styles of films such as short documentaries and campaign films. They were encouraged to think about styles and approaches they liked that we could apply to our film.


Next The group started to explore what “Being in Care Means…”IMG_9440

Together they discussed the different things care meant to them and made a spider diagram writing down all the individual views of the group.


There were some negative and some positive responses, They wrote the positive and negative things in different colours. Some of the group had more positive experiences than others. It was an emotional experience either way, for everyone whether they had had good or bad experiences of care.


Kieron and Eliie discuss…



It was great to see the group communicating in a positive way with each other. They discussed various themes about the care experience, everyone in the group had an experience to share and a point to make. They showed great character and resilience to talk about their experiences and they were learning from each other. Next they will use the character they created to create a realistic care journey which would give us scenes to dramatise for the film.


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