Positive Self Portraits


It seemed like only yesterday we had all come together with a vision at the start of the creative process, and now we were almost at the end of the arts transformation of Hamilton House. The project has been like a journey and everyone is feeling part of the team.


Tonight the group got the chance to create positive self portraits with GX2 and CBLOXX our #arts4care street artists. The design of the portraits was all about who they were as individuals and they were all encouraged to be as creative as they could to represent themselves in their artwork. Characters really started to immege and the confidence was flowing. Everyone was focused and professional.IMG_8639

Before starting to paint the group experimented with colours and shapes and designed their artwork like pro’s. Next CBLOXX and GX2 showed the group how to create a backdrop for their canvas.





They had to choose a colour and base coat their canvas. Everyone had really unique ideas. It was like a creative explosion of talent and skills. They chose different stencil designs from hearts to birds and splashes of paint to decorate their canvas backdrops!!! Here Lauren gets to work on her heart shapes…IMG_8658

Jazz sets to work on her back-drop showing skills with the flow of paint…IMG_8672

Amy holds up her work of art…


Kieron is proud to share his portrait…


Jazz hides behind her unique portrait.


Shelly was really happy with her portrait…


Lauren shows signs of artistic flare with her backdrop. She will stencil…IMG_8734

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