Arts4Care meet the street artists


The #Arts4Care project started to gain pace and the ideas really started flowing. Professional artists GX2 and CBLOXX partnership joined the journey as the group started to plan their transformation of some of the spaces inside and outside Hamilton House.

First off Joy and Gemma, the artists, showcased some of their previous works on the TV screen to show the young people what they have done in the past. They also talked about their passion for arts and how they came about to have careers as artists.


Then the group explored the spaces and talked about ideas with the artists.IMG_6761


Joy lead discussions with the group while Gemma took notes avidly in her notebook. The young people shouted out different ideas they had, there were some great initial ideas and it was fun brainstorming together.



After that the group came back together in one of the rooms to look at some street art books for inspiration. They identified images, styles, fonts colours and designed they liked so that the artists could get an idea about the style of the art we would use for the walls.IMG_6723


The ideas were fascinating. We asked the group to consider “Rob” their character and how he might be feeling, and to think of ideas that would help encourage and inspire him. The group worked on ideas for 3 spaces including a shed in the garden, a stairwell in the centre of the house, and a room upstairs for young people.



Heres just a snapshot of some of their initial ideas:

The Stairwell

  • A “dream tree” – a tree that climbed the stairs with movement and had words about aspirations hopes and dreams on the leaves and words carved into the bark.
  • Poetry and aspirational words
  • A large character holding a sign
  • Crystal balls with aspirations for the future
  • A beach scene with dolphins and sun and sand

The Teen Room

  • A train with movement incorporating inspirational quotes or words
  • A landscape of a city with the minster and landmarks of york
  • A landscape made of speakers with musical notes break dancers and Dj’s

The Shed

  • Rainbow coloured rain with a person sheltered by an umbrella underneath
  • Animals such as squirrels dressed in various outfits
  • A Birdhouse with birds feeding
  • A waterfall







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