Lyricism with KRITIKAL inspires amazing poems


Session two of #arts4care exploded into life with an inspirational live performance by KRITIKAL. The artist and Aspire TV founder ran a lyricism session to give the young people the tool to express themselves through words.




The group then got to work on creating a character they called “Rob” who was 15 and was visiting Hamilton House for the first time. They discussed how “Rob” might feel inside and what might be going on in his life. They wrote how “Rob” felt inside a character they had drawn on some flip chart paper. They said “Rob” was feeling confused and anxious and was quite angry and insecure. They said “Rob” was taking time off school and getting into trouble. We talked about this because we wanted to help “Rob” and in real life new visitors to Hamilton house to feel encouraged and understood so that they could stop “Rob” and other young people like him from going down the wrong track, and for those who already had, helping them feel inspired to get back on track. Some of their words may feature in the art they create with the artists they meet tomorrow! Take a look at “Rob” and see what the group created. Below is how “Rob” was feeling inside.



In the centre the group wrote “Rob’s” aspirations, the things he wanted in life.


Around the outide of the character they had drawn the group wrote about the circumstances of “Rob’s” life and the people involved in it. There were quite a few different professionals all involved in his life but sometimes “Rob” still felt invisible and quite upset. The young people showed great depth and understanding and created a very powerful character that represented a shared experience from within the group. The fictitious character helped us to think about the complex emotions a young person experiences and to think about how daunting it could be to go there for the first time. The group really wanted to create a piece of art that helped young people feel batter about themselves and have positive feelings about their experience of Hamilton House.



After exploring some quite deep issues we had a lot of fun working with KRITIKAL writing and rhyming. He told the group about his passion for music and what made him get involved in writing. It was very inspiring for the group and they were keen to use the skills KRITIKAL was sharing with them to write their own poems.



They wrote their own poems and they were both very powerful and also creative. You can find their poems here.


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